Covid-19 helps mobile apps break new records

Based on data by AppAnnie, TechCrunch reveals that the mobile app usage has surged by a whopping 40% YoY in Q2’2020.

In India, mobile apps gained 35% in usage in the second quarter, compared to the final quarter of 2019. In Italy, Indonesia, and the US, the usage grew at 30%, 25%, and 15%, respectively. Overall, April 2020 has marked a historical record of over 200 billion person-hours of app usage. AppAnnie’s own estimates show that on average, a smartphone owner now actively uses it for as long as 4 hours 20 minutes a day.

Out of 35 billion app downloads in Q2 (also a record), Google Play has served 25 billion (10% YoY growth). Brazil and India became the two largest markets for the store. iOS app downloads have grown at 20% YoY and reached almost 10 billion downloads, with the US and China being the two largest markets.

Game apps have been installed over 14 billion times in Q2, another record. Most popular non-gaming app categories included tools and entertainment on Google Play, while on iOS, they were photo & video and entertainment. Among other categories that saw strong growth were productivity, health & fitness, and education on Google Play, and health & fitness, shopping, and healthcare on iOS.

In Q2, paid apps brought in a record amount of $27 billion, with $17 billion spent on iOS (+15% YoY) and $10 billion on Android (+25%). Out of that amount, $19 billion was spent on games, a 15% increase compared to the previous quarter. Thanks predominantly to Disney+ and Twitch, social networking and entertainment apps earned enough cash to remain at the top of Google Play ranking. Most non-gaming spending on iOS fell in the categories of entertainment and photo & video (TikTok).   According to the analysts, social distancing and quarantine measures in many countries were responsible for the latest surge of mobile app usage.

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