Most Russians would trust to ride in a self-driving taxi

Most Russians would trust to ride in a self-driving taxi, according to the findings of #AutoNet, a sub-division of NTI in charge of smart transportation.

According to their research, 83% of respondents in Kazan, Russia’s third-largest city, said they’d be willing to use a self-driving taxi. The figure for Moscow, Russia’s capital and most populous city, is 79%. These numbers were the two highest in Russia which is hardly surprising: Innopolis, a tech park satellite of Kazan, has been piloting self-driving Yandex.Taxi cabs and KAMAZ trucks for a few years now. Yandex’s self-driving vehicles have also been driving around Moscow for a quite some time now.

Young people between the ages of 25 and 34 were most interested in self-driving cars: 83% for. However, according to the deputy minister for transport Alexey Semyonov, it’ll take Moscow another four years to prepare for full-scale adoption. But the result is worth the wait as the rides are expected to become even cheaper: autopilot doesn’t need to be paid.

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