«Strong ideas for the new times», a forum organized by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, saw an online expert panel «Map of the future: expectations and scenarios 2020 — 2035».

In the next few years, humanity will encounter a whole range of critical threats spawned by the inherent contradictions of the global political and economic systems, coupled with the advent of new technologies. They may lead to global conflicts of all kinds, including those in the digital sphere, the disintegration of international political blocs, and the «islandization» of the world. However, it is highly likely that humanity will manage to build the new high-tech world of green post-capitalism in the end.

This is the most likely scenario of global development according to the paper «Map of the Future: Principal Threats, Challenges, and Trends until 2035» penned by the general director of NTI Platform, President’s special representative for digitalization Dmitry Peskov; president of Technological Sovereignty Export Assn., Mgimo University associate professor of applied international studies Andrey Bezrukov; and founder of Global Education Futures and Skolkovo Education Development Centre professor Pavel Luksha.

The Map lends a step-by-step prognosis of the most important global trends and probable scenarios of the global system’s development until 2035, as suggested by the three leading Russian experts.

During the online panel, the experts had analyzed and classified the principal threats, challenges, and possibilities at various levels of the world: from the global affairs to the microlevel (particular businesses, cities, or communities); climate change; pandemics; demographic, ideological, or social crises; new technologies transforming the global economy, and others.

Follow this link to watch the panel: http://amp.gs/WQYz

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