Finalists of the «Energy Breakthrough 2020» competition announced at Skolkovo

22 teams have reached the final stage of Energy Breakthrough 2020, an electrical engineering innovation contest. Fourteen of those teams are Skolkovo Fund residents.

In 2020, the competition’s primary goal is to discover new Russian technologies and business models to digitally transform the national grid. Projects were being selected in 50 different sub-topics of four main areas: 

• Equipment and technical systems of electric grid elements;
• Automated systems of business and technology management;
• Energy usage monitoring and new services for customers of power suppliers;
• Advanced grid technologies.

Each topic’s priorities are reflected in the industry’s key documents, including the Program for Digital Advancement of PAO Rosseti, the Digital Transformation 2030 program, the government provision on the unified technical policy on the electrical grid complex, and the environmental policies of the electrical grid complex.

47 projects had been competing to reach the finals. The semifinalists have showcased breakthrough solutions designed to enable the Digital Transformation 2030 concept to improve the reliability and efficiency of the existing assets and equipment and develop new services for the customers. Projects were reviewed by the experts from the Rosseti Group, Skolkovo Fund, NTI’s Center for Infrastructure «EnergyNet», and other partners of the competition.

The full list of finalists is available at

In preparation for the finals, participants will work with the supervising experts from PAO Rosseti to develop roadmaps to implement their projects and develop business cases for their deployment at real-life grid elements. The results will be presented at the international forum «Power Grids 2020«.

Reference information

Energy Breakthrough is a yearly contest of advanced designs in smart grid technology. Its goal is to unite the efforts and expertise of science and technology professionals to bring about Russia’s next-generation electric grid. PAO Rosseti and Skolkovo Fund’s Cluster of Energy-Efficient Technologies together organize the competition. It is also supported by NTI’s Center for Infrastructure «EnergyNet», the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI), and Moscow City Government. The key media partners are magazines «Electric Energy. Transmission and Distribution» and «Energy Policy».

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