NTI’s Skoltech-based Competency Center Reviews State of 5G & AI at Archipelago 20.35 Conference

NTI’s Skoltech-based competency center for wireless communications and IoT has partnered with the «Artificial Intelligence on 5G Networks» track of the «Archipelago 20.35» conference, an intensive education program on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies and data science. The Center’s employees have led lab and masterclass sessions, gave lectures, and took part in panels. They have explained and showcased principal ways to create new AI-based solutions that fully employ the capabilities of the 5th generation high-speed wireless networks. The conference track has culminated with a roundtable «Breakthrough Services on 5G Networks» attended by representatives of Rostelecom, one of Russia’s largest telecommunication companies.

As part of the «AI on 5G networks» track, participating teams spent six days diving into the nitty-gritty of the modern 5G cellular networks. They studied projects that employ the potential of 5G combined with current industrial technologies and AI’s data processing capabilities. The participants, using guidance from their Skoltech mentors, also suggested ways to integrate 5G and AI into their projects. The track wrapped up vividly with a roundtable on breakthrough 5G services where experts from NTI’s Skoltech-based competency center and Rostelecom, together with the team members, discussed a wide range of implementation scenarios for 5G-based AI solutions in Russia’s industry and consumer sector. The lab sessions have helped the teams to formulate approaches to developing AI projects using advanced wireless technologies.

In their lab sessions and lectures, the Skoltech experts emphasized practical experience and the desire to convey an economically sound and comprehensive view of matters of AI application. Six days allowed the participants to discuss 5G+AI projects in telecommunications, CDN optimization, government and security, workplace safety, law and order, interactive gaming and entertainment, retail and online services, industry, air and land transportation, mining and agriculture, logistics and UAV, consumer services, smart logistics from largest seaports to the last mile in under an hour, and healthcare. The roundtable ended with the introduction of a short video showcasing nine real-world 5G+AI projects.

All participating teams have been invited to bench-test their projects in the 5G pilot zone launched on October 20, 2020, by Skoltech together with Russia’s leading wireless carrier MTS at the Skolkovo Innovation Center. The area has become Russia’s first 5G network that employed a base station made in Russia, created by Skoltech’s developers and the Institute’s partners. Designed to cover over 2 square kilometers, this is the largest such zone in Russia.

In summary, the Center’s employees had led six events of 32 hours long: lab sessions («Employing 5G for New Applications», «AI Applications Using High-speed Connectivity»), masterclasses («Specifics of Connecting Devices to 5G Networks», «Capabilities of the Skolkovo 5G Pilot Zone») and visionary keynotes («5G as the Main Information Highway of the Digital Economy», «OpenRAN: Revolution in the Modern Telecommunications»).

Dmitry Lakontsev, head of NTI’s Competency Center for Wireless Communication Technology and Internet of Things:

«5G networks are the new infrastructure element that is only taking shape. That is why it is important to create breakthrough services that will enable users to do things we couldn’t even dream of before. As discussed at the Archipelago conference, such projects as unmanned stores with no tills or giant smart seaports, working as a whole, represent the new economic future that is coming to life in front of our eyes. Tight integration of 5G and AI will become the fertile soil for the new digital services critical to economic growth. Our conference «Archipelago 20.35» solves the most critical task by enabling new teams to work at the forefront of modern industries and technologies. Under the auspices of «NTI Platform» and «University 20.35″, this intensive education program sets the course for the new generation of professionals.»

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